Island Tour

  • 3 to 3½ hour tour
  • Includes a soda or bottled water

Bonaire Vista Tours will take you on a tour of the North and South areas of Bonaire where most companies will only take you on a tour for the same price. We want you to have the extra time to enjoy the hidden vistas of Bonaire. Ride in comfort in our fully spacious 15 passenger van.


Tour $35 pp

When there is a cruise ship in port we don't do private tours unless for a big group. You can make a reservation and will be joined by others from the cruise ship.

On need a minimum of 3 guests to be able to plan a tour.    

Tour Summary

Your journey begins in Kralendijk, the busy port of Bonaire. Translated into English, Kralendijk means embankment of and as we drive along the coast you will see what early explorers saw where the waves have washed all the coral on shore.

Going south, we will take in the sights of the impressive pink waters and massive piles of Bonaire’s pristine salt – some of the purest in the world - like no other in the Caribbean. Enjoy Bonaire's turquoise waters We will make a stop at the

Heading north, the heads inland and an increase in elevation reveals Bonaire's scenic hills, cacti, trees and more. We will have a photo opportunity at the famed Gotomeer Lake with a possible sneak peak of the flamingos in the lake. In the village of it looks like time stood still. Throughout Bonaire’s elevated northern end, visitors can see a desert landscape reminiscent of the American southwest. Varying cacti species, including Candle and Prickley Pear, are present. Our last stop will be at Seru which has the most vista over the island. 

Tour Highlights

Salt Flats

Salt production has been a major industry on Bonaire for more than 350 years. Cargill Incorporated has been operating the salt production on Bonaire since 1997. These wonderful mountains of white salt crystals can be seen on the southern part of the island. Bonaire affectionately refers to them as the Bonairean Alps.

Slave Huts

These small buildings were used during the 1800's as small shelters for the slaves who toiled in the salt pans. They stand as a mute testimony to a painful time in the history of humankind and have been preserved as a reminder of that period.


The of Bonaire is Kralendijk. Downtown has great shops featuring local souvenirs and a mixture of delicious international restaurants. A quaint little town, Kralendijk is lined with delightfully painted pastel stucco houses, in pinks, oranges lime green.

Gotomeer Lake/Flamingo Sanctuary

This inland lake is perhaps one of the most picturesque spots on Bonaire. Chances are, visitors to this spot will get a close-up view of Bonaire's shy signature bird, the pink flamingo. The northern route winds along the lake's southern shore. 


Rincon is the oldest town of the Netherlands Antilles. It was founded in 1527 by In this it looks like time stands still.  

Mangazina di Rei

Mangazina di Rei is the second oldest stone building on Bonaire. It was originally used to store provisions for the government slaves. The structure has been completely restored and now features a museum and of historic houses. The is an important part of the history of Rincon and her people.


Our highest point of the tour at 404 feet is Seru (Long Hill). Many people get married at this beautiful landmark.

You will have a great view over the south and east of Bonaire and on a clear day even see Curacao!